Final Warning – Memberships Expiring – Dissolution of Bandon Playhouse Pending

All of our current paid memberships will be expiring at the end of this month.   Here are our current paid members:

P. Hay, C. Hay, J. Hay, Z. Hay, J. Straley, L. Straley, K. Straley, T. Straley, B. Neason, G. Neason, D. Neason, G. Williams, S. Russell, and K. Hubbard

Several emergency calls were placed to the prior board members (Jay Straley, Lori Straley, Zeta Hay, Gareth Williams, and Susan Russel) to determine the direction for the Bandon Playhouse and an unanimous vote was taken (Susan Russel – Yes, Gareth Williams – Yes, Jay Straley – Yes, Lori Straley – Yes, Zeta Hay -Yes, and Paul Hay -Yes).

“If we are unable to fill the open board positions by January 1st, 2019, then it has been determined that unfortunately it will be time to shut down the Bandon Playhouse.   This means that all current property and funds of the Bandon Playhouse will be donated to other Non-Profit Groups in our area and the Bandon Playhouse as it currently stands will be dissolved.” – Latest Board Members

From the Current President:

If you are interested in saving this organization then it is time to step-up.   Too many rumors have been spread about this organization and yet not one of those “complainers” has stepped up to take the reigns to help move this organization forward.

I have personally spoken with several past presidents and board members of the organization and they too have stated that unfortunately it maybe time as they do not have a desire to volunteer to take on a position on the board.  The major reason is membership and attendance has been down, and the time/expenses of during a production to heavy.  The thoughts of being part of the Bandon Playhouse is one thing, but to actually be responsible for putting a production together or lead the organization is another.  The fact is the majority of them have clearly stated they just do not have the time.

During my tenure as President, my family personally helped produce/direct/perform back, to back, to back, to back shows in 2017… while increasing our current revenue by over $8,000.  It is very difficult for me to see the Playhouse come to this after so many years of wonderful productions, but my family and I have some major changes in our lives as well, and are not in a position to do any more productions at this time.

Since Wizard of Oz, we have seen our coffers continue to dwindle away while paying for storage, insurance, and other general expenses.  There just isn’t enough funds to continue to throw money away and the board would rather donate the remaining funds to another local non-profit group that can use them instead of paying for unnecessary expenses.  We owe this to our prior members and patrons.

To keep Bandon Playhouse alive, we need to have at least 6 past/new members pay their membership dues and then volunteer to take over the leadership of the Bandon Playhouse as the 2019 board, otherwise, we will unfortunately be forced to move forward with the disbanding of the Bandon Playhouse.

Please contact me at or call  541-236-5105 if you are interested in saving the organization and become a board member, otherwise I will move forward as the board has determined above.

Paul C. Hay
Bandon Playhouse

False Information Continues to be Spread

There are a lot of false rumors about the Bandon Playhouse shutting down.  The truth of the matter is the prior Bandon Playhouse Board took a vote to have the Playhouse take a “sabbatical” until such time as we can get other members interested in stepping up to be active board members.

For the Record:  We currently have only 12 paid memberships that will expire at the end of the year,  and of these, only 5 agreed to step up at the last election to be board members.  Of those 5 board members, all but one have resigned for personal reasons, and since we currently do not have a board quorum to make any decisions moving forward, as our bylaws require, we are simply in a limbo stage at this time.

Where do we go from here:   What we immediately require is at least one past president of the playhouse be willing to step-up temporary into this open board position, to allow us to hold an executive meeting/vote.  This meeting will allow us to set a date for a General Meeting and at this General Meeting we will be able to renew or receive new memberships to the Bandon Playhouse, as well as hold an election for any nominated members willing to fill the open slots.

Memberships:  If you have not paid your dues since October 2017, then currently you do not an active membership, which means you are not allowed to have a vote in any general meeting, or even allowed to be considered for a open board position.  This however is a very a simple fix.

So, if you are interested in helping to guide the Bandon Playhouse,  please reach out to me and I will be more than happy to speak with you about your membership.

Paul Hay
Bandon Playhouse