steel magnolias

The Bandon Playhouse is seeking talent to fill six female roles for its February 2017 production of “Steel Magnolias.” The story is about a close-knit circle of friends who come together at Truvy’s Beauty Parlor in Louisiana on the day of Shelby’s wedding. Shelby is sick with diabetes, and months later, begins showing signs of kidney failure after delivering a healthy baby boy. The comedy-drama auditions are set for Nov. 13th from 1-3 pm and Nov. 14th from 6-8 pm at the Sprague Theater in Bandon Oregon. For more information, please visit bandonplayhouse.org or contact Paul Hay, Producer at 541-236-3086 or Stiles Gunn, Director at 541-683-8890

It’s the 1980s. In Louisiana. At Truvy’s beauty shop—motto: ”there is no such thing as natural beauty”—the women are all sass and brass. Through clouds of hairspray and over the buzz of blow dryers, six southern spitfires gather each week to gossip and support each other through thick and thin. But those bonds are about to be tested when M’Lynn and her daughter Shelby face a life-changing event. Infused with heart and humor, Steel Magnolias is a hilarious story of love, loss, and enduring friendship.

Please note: All of these women are fighters. They are real human beings with depth, humor, and zest for living.


TRUVY JONES (F, late 30s-40s) Owner of the beauty shop. Vivacious, nurturing. Equally capable with well-meaning gossip, heart-felt advice and big hair.

ANNELLE DUPUY (F 18+ to play late teens-early 20s) Truvy’s newly-hired assistant. Recently single and new to town. Journeys from wide-eyed and uncertain, to wild child, to deeply religious—with sweetness and deep feeling.

CLAIREE BELCHER (F, mid-50s-60s) Widow of the former mayor. Elegant, sophisticated, self-possessed, independent. Not afraid to make waves.

SHELBY EATENTON-LATCHERIE (F, early 20s) M’Lynn’s daughter. The prettiest girl in town. Positive, strong-willed, passionate. Loves the color pink. Diabetic.

M’LYNN EATENTON (F, mid-40s-50s) Shelby’s mother. A Southern lady who always knows best. Strong, stubborn, loving. The heart of the play.

OUISER BOUDREAUX (F, mid-50s-60s) Wealthy curmudgeon with a heart of gold. High status. Tough, eccentric, outspoken.

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